from nobody’s diary, part 4: desperate kingdom of love

Friday, May 22, 2009
I decided to keep on publishing Nobody´s diary. Before you start read it, I must remind, it has always been only a fictional diary. So everything here is true.

and here we go again. the same old situation the new guy but honestly what’s the difference… my whole spring term i was chasing cars and boys were chasing me and all around comes in the end to this one big mess. and finally yes justice works i got what i deserved. lately i was wondering that everything is too much unbelievable to stay true.

what i’m talking about? last half-year you could call me queen of broken hearts. unfortunately this tacky name suited me. i’m ashamed that it’s so big cliché i’m ashamed it’s true. my spring term ends the way i don’t expected. after all it’s me who ends with broken heart. and now the queen is turning into ice... you know the rest.

recently i wrote, after Sweet November and Winter tale i long for Summer with cowboy. well, i rethink my plan, after one week with McDreamy (yes, i’m talking about Mark Sloane) two weeks with cowboy will be good enough for me.

like i said many times… one night to be confused… one night to speed up truth… and then people always leave.

The title of this article comes from the song by PJ Harvey.


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