Bez kontextu: They are not you (manifesto)

9. duben 2009, čtvrtek

- drawn and written by Peyton Sawyer from Tv series One Tree Hill.

correction:"You are not me."

...and probably you don´t wanna be me anyway. 'cos i can assure you i´m not a princess, fairy and neither am i a star or anything from fairy wake up. i even can´t remember if i have ever been anything from this. do you wanna find out? go ask my high school mates, they´ll definitely confirm you my statement.

everyday i get confront with someone´s opinions on me. oh yes i´m gonna cry for that. of course i am exactly what you think i am, how could i be different, it´s not possible, it doesn´t match with your gorgeous idea of me. i´m tired of disproving anything and learning who i "really" am. i don´t care anymore.

there is nobody who really knows me. i dealed with it. did you?


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